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The Burst Apps Team (BAT)

One of Burst’s biggest strengths lies in its sense of community. Being one of few coins to survive multiple development team turnovers, Burst is unlike other coins in many ways. Where other coins have failed, are still trying, or haven’t even started, Burst succeeded years ago. Burst is truly decentralized, trustless, and community-driven. These core values are shared by the Burst Apps Team (BAT), a group of talented software engineers from the Burst community, recently formed to provide core development, technical leadership and community support. Our goal is to help drive Burst’s development, while professionally representing Burst developers to the outside world.
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Burstcoin Wallet

The world's first HDD-mined cryptocurrency using an energy efficient and fair Proof-of-Capacity (PoC) consensus algorithm.

Burst Explorer

Blockchain Explorer using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Bootstrap. It contains multiple helpful charts, a network observer, world map, and more

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These are the achieved tasks starting from August 2017.

Core Improvements

Code refactoring
  • Improving structure and readability with a focus on simplicity and flexibility. Getting rid of old code from the NXT wallet
  • Paving the way for more advanced modifications
Improving stability and reliability
  • Improving the overall stability of wallets and nodes in order to maximize the security and reliability of the network
  • Better debugging and logging
Better development efficiency
  • Adding new procedures such as Unit-Tests, improving the API and other advanced components
Soft fork: Dynamic node capabilities
  • Making the mempool size configurable to better adjust to the node capabilities
Hard Fork: Dynamic block size and transaction fees
  • Making transaction cost and block size dynamic values to be better able to cope with varying transactional load on the Burst blockchain
PoC2 protocol
  • A minimally invasive way to achieve time-memory tradeoff resistance, while keeping the currently used plots functional


Mobile Payment infrastructure
  • Bringing Burst closer to the ‘real economy’ by enhancing mobile payments, a vital feature for merchants


Simplified software
  • Facilitating the installation and deployment of the Burst softwares and packages for the end user


New tools and services
  • Providing the current explorers and observers with new tools and infrastructure
Websites overhaul
  • Updating and improving the content, organization and aspect of the main Burst websites

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